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Somatra Healing

Akashic Records
“When we honor the sacredness of our soul’s journey, we create a life of purpose, meaning and fulfillment.”
- Linda Howe

Who Is An Akashic Reading For?

1. Those seeking clarity and direction: If you feel lost, confused, or uncertain about your life path, an Akashic Records reading can provide clarity and direction. By tapping into your soul's purpose and potential, you can gain a deeper understanding of your path and make more informed decisions.

2. Those seeking healing: The Akashic Records hold information about past lives, traumas, and experiences that may be impacting your current life. An Akashic Records reading can help you identify and heal these wounds, allowing you to move forward with greater ease and freedom.

3. Those looking to deepen their spiritual practice: The Akashic Records are a powerful tool for spiritual growth and development. An Akashic Records reading can provide insight into your spiritual path, helping you to connect more deeply with your soul and the divine.

4. Those seeking answers to specific questions: An Akashic Records reading can provide answers to specific questions about your life, such as career, relationships, and health. This can be especially helpful if you feel stuck or uncertain about a particular area of your life.

5. Those interested in exploring past lives: The Akashic Records hold information about your past lives and how they are impacting your current life. An Akashic Records reading can provide insight into your past lives, allowing you to better understand your current experiences and challenges.

What Are The Akashic Records & How Can It Help You?

The Akashic records offer insight into your past, present, and future by accessing and connecting with its guardians - the masters, teachers, loved ones, and your highest self. 

A reading can help you with:

  • Gaining Insight: Akashic reading can help you gain insight into your past, present, and future. It can help you understand the patterns and events that have shaped your life, and provide guidance on how to move forward.

  • Personal Growth: Akashic reading can help you identify and release blockages that are holding you back from achieving your full potential. It can help you understand your soul's purpose and the lessons you are meant to learn in this lifetime.

  • Healing: Akashic reading can help you identify and heal unresolved emotional wounds, trauma, and negative patterns. It can also help you connect with your spiritual guides and receive healing energy.

  • Decision Making: Akashic reading can provide clarity and guidance when making important life decisions. It can help you align with your higher self and make choices that are in alignment with your soul's purpose.


Overall, Akashic reading can provide spiritual insight and guidance, helping you to navigate life's challenges with greater ease and understanding.

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Meet Elizabeth

I spent years searching for my purpose. Just like you, I've always had that feeling inside that I was meant to do more but never knew what the "more" was.  While searching for feminine energy online, I found my spiritual teacher and also an Akashic reader. And from that, I learned my healing gifts, and surrendering to them was my life's purpose.

Through this journey, I opened up in new ways and began to heal on all levels – physically, sexually, mentally, and spiritually.  My gifts and abilities grew quickly and effortlessly when I began working with the Akashic Records and crystalline energy.

Embracing my gifts and owning my power has allowed me to heal others, and channel higher wisdom to grow quicker and more powerfully than I could have ever imagined possible.  Through this connection,  I can walk in healing myself, creating the life of abundance I desire, and helping people like you discover the same within themselves. 

I am honored, blessed, and grateful for the universe bringing you here. I truly love guiding, supporting, and helping others discover their purpose and embrace their truths.  I invite you to make empowering choices, find the completeness within yourself, find the ever-present joy, and live in the now. 


I invite you to step into your heart, your soul, and your purpose.  Sending you love and light.


Forever Grateful,


Work With Me

Each session is unique and individual to you. Sessions may include an infusion of light language, crystalline energies, other healing modalities, or gifts that I am guided to bring forth in order to assist you during your session.


The 3-session package is a transformational tool. Take the steps to co-create the life of your dreams with the Akashic Records.  Connect with your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones and gain empowering, transformational insights through every stage of your life journey.

This package includes three sessions, 60 minutes each, for $222.

Semicircle of Crystals
My Akashic Records reading was simply amazing!!! Elizabeth took me into a past life trauma that had been keeping me stuck in fear of moving forward. I had been held back for so long not knowing why. Elizabeth immediately brought forth that it was a past life and knew exactly what needed to be done to break free from it. I will be coming back for more sessions. I would recommend anyone feeling stuck book a session!

Lisa Clarke

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